COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update 2021-11-24T04:24:46+00:00


Hi families!

Just wanted to share a few resources we have been made aware of for covid vaccines for those 5 years and up! seems to give good real-time information about all COVID vaccine locations in your area with appointments available. You just plug in your location/zip code and the vaccine you’re looking for and it brings up all possibilities within a certain radius.

Possibilities now include CVS, Walgreens, HEB, Tarrytown Pharmacy, Texas Children’s Specialty Care, other pediatric clinics, AISD and other schools, Austin Public Health vaccine centers, and others!

They quickly released information that the 5-11 year-old doses CAN be stored in a regular refrigerator for a shorter period of time, but we still have not received any shipments. Because of our small size, limited staffing, and physical space we are going to hold off on becoming a general covid vaccine site for others at this time. Especially since there are so many reasonable options currently available, we feel we can serve you best by focusing on providing you adequate appointment times for well checks and sick visits. We will let you know if we can successfully arrange to get the vaccines for our patients exclusively in a way our office can accommodate!

Good health, love, and happiness to you all!


Valerie Wheelock, MD
Barton Creek Pediatrics