A Few of Dr. Wheelock’s Favorite Things…

Look for an organic mattress, which by definition is made without toxic chemicals, like flame-retardants. These types of chemicals have been linked to damage to growing nervous and endocrine systems.  A few good websites for bedding are www.purebeginnings.com and www.lifekind.com. Local stores that carry organic bedding are Wildflower Organics and Baby Earth.

Baby Products

Again, look for organic baby products. Many of the common brands have harmful chemicals in them including parabens, bleach, dyes, and perfumes that can be toxic to a developing endocrine system. Whole Foods has many different brands of organic baby products to choose from. Alba, Burt's Bees, Shea Naturals and California Baby have baby lines that are readily available at many stores. 

A few other good things to look for:

*Bleach-Free Diapers and Wipes: Chlorine bleach is a chemical that is harmful to your infant’s developing system! Both can be found at Whole Foods or Central Market.

*Go Organic: Non-organic foods/milk/dairy products contain hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides that may be harmful to your baby’s growing body!
*Try glass or stainless steel food containers: Plastic, especially when heated or frozen, leaches harmful chemicals into your baby’s food/drinks. 


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